Posted on: September 29, 2008 2:59 pm

Results for you Favorite Movie Star Ever

First of all I want to thank everyone who voted in any or all of the rounds here. The winners as chosen by the group would not have been my selections, but when asked to name a "favorite" there are no right or wrong answers. It all comes down to personal taste.

On the Actors side I think my personal favorites would have come down to Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood. I know there are many better actors than both of them. Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, The Duke, Pacino, DeNiro are but a few of the many actors who have made many films I have enjoyed greatly.

For the females my choice would have been Katherine Hepburn. Her range of films and the length of her career are unmatched. From screwball comedies such as Bringing Up Baby to The Lion In Winter she did it all as well as any female that has ever appeared on the Silver Screen.

Now here are the results of the voters:

1)Tom Hanks 16 vs. 2)Harrison Ford  11

1)Jodie Foster 16 vs. 14)Meryl Streep 11

I should be posting a new topic in a few days and any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks again. I wonder what topic I will pick next.
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Posted on: September 22, 2008 6:08 pm

Finals time for your favorite movie stars ever

Well we have reached the finals and while this would not have been the match ups I chose the voters have spoken. Here are the resuts of the semis and the last match ups for all the marbles. Thanks to everyone who has voted here.

Semi- finals:
1)Tom Hanks 21 vs. 5)Al Pacino 8  Forrest Gump not scared off by Al's little friend.
2)Harrison Ford 17 vs. 6)Robert DeNiro 12  Indy was taling to you Mr. DeNiro

1)Jodie Foster 19 vs. 5)Katherine Hepburn 11  Clarice takes down Katherine the Great
10)Julie Andrews 13 vs. 14)Meryl Streep 17  Karen Silkwood radioactivity takes Mary Poppins out.

1)Tom Hanks vs. 2)Harrison Ford

1)Jodie Foster vs. 14)Meryl Streep

The voting for this round will end Sunday night September 28 at 11 pm New York time. Voting before is not a requirement to voice your opinion and comments are always welcome. Tell your friends to vote too. Thank you all in advance.

I wonder what topic I will pick next.

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Posted on: September 14, 2008 11:33 pm

Semi-Finals for your Favorite Movie Stars Ever

Well after several weeks of voting we have reached the semi-finals. By the seeding there were more upsets than not in the last round. There was need for me to cast a vote this round as there were no ties this time. I doubt that there will be any real routs anymore. Here are the results from the last round along with my comments.


1)Tom Hanks 17 vs. 9)Morgan Freeman 12 Forrest Gump marches on defeating the best scrounger ever from Shawshank

2)Harrison Ford 17 vs. 7)Jack Nicholson 12 Indiana Jones discovers another hidden secret, how to take out Jack.

3)Denzel Washington 12 vs. 6)Robert DeNiro 17 Young Vito Corleone takes out Coach of the Titans

4)Paul Newman 14 vs. 5)Al Pacino 15 Micheal Corleone also defends the family honor taking down Cool Hand Luke in the closet match up this round.


1)Jodie Foster 21 vs. 9)Elizabeth Taylor 8 Clarice Starling knocks La Liz off of National Velvet

2)Julia Roberts 13 vs. 10)Julie Andrews 16 Mary Poppins defeats the Pretty Woman in the third upset.

6)Angelina Jolie 8 vs. 14)Meryl Streep 21 The voters choose Sophie in a landslide over Lara Croft

4)Sandra Bullock 11 vs. 5)Katherine Hepburn 18 Katherine the Great is the one to finally take out the lady on the runaway bus.

Semi- finals:


1)Tom Hanks vs. 5)Al Pacino

2)Harrison Ford vs. 6)Robert DeNiro


1)Jodie Foster vs. 5)Katherine Hepburn

10)Julie Andrews vs. 14)Meryl Streep

The voting for this round will end Sunday night September 21 at 11 pm New York time. Voting before is not a requirement to voice your opinion and comments are always welcome. Tell your friends to vote too. Thank you all in advance.

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Posted on: September 7, 2008 11:06 pm

Quarterfinals for you Favorite Movie Stars Ever

Well it is time to begin the voting for round 3. We had a few upsets again, and the match ups look even tougher this round. Not all of the voting went the way I hoped or expected. We did have less voting in this round and as close as some the battles were I wonder how different the results might have been with the same turnout as last week.

As always first here are the results from round 2 with my comments that I hope you find at least a little bit amusing and or entertaining.

1)Tom Hanks 23 vs. 17)Cary Grant  8 Forrest Gump defeats Mr. Lucky. This would have been a very tough match up for me to vote on as I really enjoy both their work. Grant was great in such a wide range of roles from Hitchcokc thrillers to screwball comedies.
2)Harrison Ford 24 vs. 18)Dustin Hoffman 7 Dr. Jones, Hans Solo and Jack Ryan way too much for the Rain Man and Tootsie
3)Denzel Washington  21  vs. 19)Gene Hackman 10 Just like in Crimson Tide Denzel comes out on top in this match up.
4)Paul Newman 17 vs. 13)Mel Gibson 14  William Wallace's cries of Freedom go for naught against Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy 
5)Al Pacino  18 vs. 12)Jimmy Stewart 13 Oscar winner for playing a Colonel beats real life General in a battle of 2 true superstars
6)Robert DeNiro  23 vs. 11)Robert Redford 8  Crazed Taxi Driver takes the Sundance Kid for a long ride
7)Jack Nicholson  19 vs. 10)Sean Connery 12 Jack might be the only man as cool as 007 as Bond goes down.
8)Clint Eastwood  14  vs. 9)Morgan Freeman 17 I guess it takes God to take down Clint as he did too good a job directing his good buddy.

1)Jodie Foster 25 vs. 16)Demi Moore 6  Clarice defeats G.I. Jane easily
2)Julia Roberts 23 vs. 15)Rita Hayworth 8 Erin Brockovich defeats Shawshank poster girl
3)Sophia Loren 13 vs. 14)Meryl Streep 18 Incredible actress beats legendary Italian beauty
4)Sandra Bullock 15 vs. 13)Marilyn Monroe 14  Speed kills this legendary beauty instead of a overdose this time.
5)Katherine Hepburn 20 vs. 12)Audrey Hepburn 10  Katherine the Great defeats her adorable namesake
6)Angelina Jolie 18 vs. 11)Renee Zwelleger 13 Mrs. Smith  takes out Bridget Jones
7)Susan Sarandan 15 vs. 10)Julie Andrews 16  Mary Poppins eeks out a win over the Minor League's most famous groupie
8)Halle Berry 13 vs. 9)Elizabeth Taylor 17  La Liz adds the lovely Ms. Berry to her list of victims including her too numerous to count ex husbands.

Here are the match ups for the Quarterfinals. Man are some of these tough.

1)Tom Hanks vs. 9)Morgan Freeman
2)Harrison Ford  vs. 7)Jack Nicholson
3)Denzel Washington vs. 6)Robert DeNiro
4)Paul Newman  vs. 5)Al Pacino
1)Jodie Foster  vs. 9)Elizabeth Taylor
2)Julia Roberts vs. 10)Julie Andrews
6)Angelina Jolie vs. 14)Meryl Streep 
4)Sandra Bullock vs. 5)Katherine Hepburn
Voting for this round will close at 11 PM EST on this coming Sunday.
Please try and remember to rate your fellow posters as I am sure they will do the same for you. As usual I will only vote in the case of any ties.  Thanks again.
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Posted on: September 2, 2008 11:42 pm

Vote In Round 3 For Your Favorite Movie Stars

Let me start off by thanking everyone who has voted here so far. Round 2 had less upsets than the first round did but I was still surprised by some of margins of victory in a few of the match ups. Some of you left some great comments along with your choices and I hope that continues.

Here are the results from round 2 as well as my comments on them. Not everyone voted in every match up accounting for the fact that the vote totals are not the same on all the match ups. I did have to cast one vote to break a tie.

1)Tom Hanks 40  vs. 33)Kevin Costner 6  Forrest Gump has too much heat for Bull Durham
2)Harrison Ford  41 vs. 31)Spencer Tracy 5 Indiana Jones discovers the secret of crushing one of Hollywood's all time legends
3)Denzel Washington 39 vs. 30)Tom Cruise 7  "Maverick" shot down in flames
4)Paul Newman 32 vs. 29)Nicholas Cage  14  "Cool Hand" Luke marches on
5)Al Pacino 30 vs. 28)Anthony Hopkins  16  Mafia Don takes out the movies most famous serial killer
6)Robert DeNiro 36 vs. 27)Tommy Lee Jones 10  Al Gore's college roommate takes after him and loses at the ballot box  
7)Jack Nicholson 33 vs. 26)Samuel L. Jackson 13  The original "Joker" marches on against all time box office leader
8)Clint Eastwood 30  vs. 25)Johnny Deep 16 Capt.Jack Sparrow made Dirty Harry's day
9)Morgan Freeman  38 vs. 24)Bill Murray  8  Carl Spackler too buzzed to realize he got smoked
10)Sean Connery 29  vs. 23)Robin Williams 17  James, James Bond  enough said
11)Robert Redford  30 vs. 22)Gregory Peck 16 Atticus Finch beaten by the Sundance Kid
12)Jimmy Stewart  30 vs. 17)Humphrey Bogart 14  Bye Bye Bogie in a surprising easy win by the "Richest Man" in town
13)Mel Gibson  29 vs. 20)John Wayne  16  I was very surprised how easily Martin Riggs took down the "Duke"
14)Marlon Brando 19  vs. 19)Gene Hackman 27  Hoosiers coach in an upset. Marlon was never a contender here.
15)Russell Crowe 23  vs. 18)Dustin Hoffman 24 
16)Henry Fonda  18  vs. 17)Cary Grant  26  I really thought this battle between all time screen legends would be nip and tuck the whole way

1)Jodie Foster 33 vs. 33)Michelle Pfeiffer 12   Being in Grease 2 cost the lovely Ms. Pfeiffer against Clarice
2)Julia Roberts  30 vs. 31)Diane Lane  15  Pretty Woman beats a better looking woman
3)Sophia Loren  34 vs. 30)Jessica Lange 12  Italian treasure wins easily
4)Sandra Bullock 35  vs. 29)Jamie Lee Curtis  11  I still can't believe Bullock is the 4th seed even as she wins easily again
5)Katherine Hepburn 32  vs. 28)Uma Thurman  13 Even a shot of adrenaline to Uma's heart couldn't help her against Katherine The Great
6)Angelina Jolie  24 vs. 27)Ashley Judd 21  Lara Croft beats Kentucky's prettiest fan
7)Susan Sarandan 25 vs. 26)Charleze Theron 20 A "Baseball Annie" beats one of my favorites to look at.
8)Halle Berry  27 vs. 25)Diane Keaton 18 One of the match ups in which if I voted I am not sure which way I would have voted.
9)Elizabeth Taylor  24 vs. 24)Meg Ryan 20 Violet eyes beats one time American Sweetheart in the this close race
10)Julie Andrews  27 vs. 23)Nicole Kidman 18 Maria Von Trapp too tough for Mrs. Urban, but she makes it closer than ex husband did in this round.
11)Renee Zwelleger 24  vs. 43)Catherine Zeta Jones 20 At least the Welsh beauty made it into the brackets unlike her husband or father in-law
12)Audrey Hepburn 33 vs. 21)Grace Kelly  11  Movie princess beats real life Princess in a rout
13)Marilyn Monroe 25 vs. 45)Cameron Diaz  19  Guess there is something more about Norma Jean than  Cameron
14)Meryl Streep  31 vs. 46)Ann Margaret  14  Acting skills beats great beauty
15)Rita Hayworth 24  vs. 18)Marissa Tomei 21 Well not all gorgeous redheads lose, at least not yet
16)Demi Moore 24 vs. 17)Helen Hunt 21 Demi goes at least 2 rounds further than her ex hubby did here.

Now here are the match ups for the next round. Having voted before is not a requirement to do so now and feel free to invite your friends to participate. Some of these match ups are tough to say the least. I for one can't wait to see the results.

1)Tom Hanks vs. 17)Cary Grant
2)Harrison Ford  vs. 18)Dustin Hoffman
3)Denzel Washington  vs. 19)Gene Hackman
4)Paul Newman  vs. 13)Mel Gibson
5)Al Pacino  vs. 12)Jimmy Stewart 
6)Robert DeNiro  vs. 11)Robert Redford
7)Jack Nicholson  vs.  10)Sean Connery
8)Clint Eastwood  vs.  9)Morgan Freeman

1)Jodie Foster vs. 16)Demi Moore
2)Julia Roberts vs. 15)Rita Hayworth
3)Sophia Loren  vs. 14)Meryl Streep
4)Sandra Bullock  vs. 13)Marilyn Monroe
5)Katherine Hepburn  vs. 12)Audrey Hepburn
6)Angelina Jolie  vs. 11)Renee Zwelleger
7)Susan Sarandan  vs. 10)Julie Andrews
8)Halle Berry  vs. 9)Elizabeth Taylor 

Voting for this round will close at 11 PM EST on this coming Sunday.
Please try and remember to rate your fellow posters as I am sure they will do the same for you. As usual I will only vote in the case of any ties.  Thanks again.
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Vote For Your Favorite Movie Stars Ever Round 1

Well first I want to thank everyone who nominated actors and actresses to be included in these brackets.

Enough of them received multiple votes for me to include 64 in each bracket. 128 Actors and Actresses were mentioned. I had to make the choice for the last few entrants into the bracket from among those who each received two votes.  I was very surprised by how few votes some got compared to others. The seeding is based on the number of initial mentions everyone got. When multiples had the same number of mentions I did make the decisions on where to rank them among each other. This was done based on a variety of factors including the length of their careers. I will also be commenting on those who didn't make it that I thought were deserving.

I will not be voting unless there are ties. Please remember that the choices made are those of the group and not mine, well at least in most cases. I plan on my voicing my thoughts of each result, so please just don't blame me if you don't like those that advance.

I also want to ask everyone who participates to please rate the other posts here . I am sure everyone will rate your postings also. I give everyone who is nice enough to support my efforts a 5 and usually add you to my favorites also. If I don't do that it is purely by mistake.

Please excuse any misspelled names.

With that said here are the first round match-ups. The number after the names is how many mentions they received in the nomination round.

1)Tom Hanks 17   vs. 64)Michael Madsen  2
2)Harrison Ford  15  vs. 63)Keifer Sutherland 2
3)Denzel Washington  14  vs.)62Ryan Phillipe   2
4)Paul Newman   13  vs. 61)Gerrard Depardieu  2
5)Al Pacino 12   vs.  60)Paul Giamatti  2
6)Robert DeNiro  12  vs.  59)Max Van Sydow  2
7)Jack Nicholson  11  vs.  58)John  Malkovich  2
8)Clint Eastwood   10  vs.  57)James Colburn 2
9)Morgan Freeman   9  vs.  56)James Caan   2
10)Sean Connery  9   vs.  55)Dennis Quaid   2
11)Robert Redford  7  vs.  54)Heath Ledger   2
12)Jimmy Stewart   7  vs.  53)Matthew Damon  2
13)Mel Gibson  7   vs.  52)Matthew McConnaughy 2
14)Marlon Brando   7  vs.  51)Kevin Spacey 2
15)Russell Crowe  6  vs.  50)Leonardo DiCaprio  2
16)Henry Fonda   6  vs.  49)Burt Reynolds  2
17)Cary Grant    6  vs.  48)John Travolta    2
18)Dustin Hoffman   6  vs.  47)Anthony Quinn
19)Gene Hackman  6  vs.  46)Charles Bronson   2
20)John Wayne 5  vs.  45)Daniel Day Lewis   2
21)Humphrey Bogart 5  vs.  46)Bruce Willis 2
22)Gregory Peck  5  vs.  43)Will Smith 2
23)Robin Williams 5  vs.  42)Sidney Portier   2
24)Bill Murray   5  vs.  41)Steve McQueen  3
25)Johnny Deep  5  vs.  40)Charlton Heston   3
26)Samuel L. Jackson   4  vs.  39)George Clooney 3
27)Tommy Lee Jones    4  vs.  38)Brad Pitt 3
28)Anthony Hopkins  4  vs.  37)Robert Mitchum   3
29)Nicholas Cage   4  vs.  36)Vince Vaughn   3
30)Tom Cruise   4  vs.  35)Ben Stiller   3
31)Spencer Tracy   4  vs. 34)Sam Elliot   3
32)Robert Duvall  4   vs. 33)Kevin Costner   4

1)Jodie Foster  13  vs. 64)Emannuelle Beart 2
2)Julia Roberts  12  vs.  63)Cheryl Ladd  2
3)Sophia Loren 10  vs.  62)Dana Delaney 2
4)Sandra Bullock  8  vs.  61)Mariska Hargitay 2
5)Katherine Hepburn 7  vs.  60)Kim Delaney 2
6)Angelina Jolie  7  vs.  59)Whoopi Goldberg 2
7)Susan Sarandan  7  vs.  58)Milla Jovivich 2
8)Halle Berry  7  vs.  57)Salma Hayak 2
9)Elizabeth Taylor  6  vs.  56)Keira Knightley 2
10)Julie Andrews  6  vs.  55)Judi Dench 2
11)Renee Zewelleger  vs.  54)Eva Mendes 2
12)Audrey Hepburn  5  vs.  53)Helena Bonham Carter 2
13)Marilyn Monroe 5  vs.  52)Renee Russo 2
14)Meryl Streep  5  vs.  51)Raquel Welch 2
15)Rita Hayworth 5  vs.  50)Sigourney Weaver
16)Demi Moore 5  vs.  49)Sharon Stone 2
17)Helen Hunt 5  vs.  48)Reese Witherspoon 2
18)Marissa Tomei 5  vs.  47)Geena Davis 2
19)Bette Davis  4  vs.  46)Ann Margaret 2
20)Ingrid Bergman 4  vs.  45)Cameron Diaz 2
21)Grace Kelly  4  vs.  44)Gloria Swanson 2
22)Hillary Swank  4  vs.  43)Catherine Zeta Jones 2
23)Nicole Kidman 4  vs.  42)Kathleen Turner 2
24)Meg Ryan  4  vs.  41)Kate Winslet 2
25)Diane Keaton  4   vs.  40)Marlena Dietrich 2
26)Charleze Theron 4  vs.  39)Lucille Ball 2
27)Ashley Judd  4   vs.  38)Angie Harmon  3 
28)Uma Thurman  4  vs.  37)Juilette Binoche  3
29)Jamie Lee Curtis  4  vs.  36)Rachel Weisz   3
30)Jessica Lange  3  vs.  35)Donna Reed  3
31)Dianne Lane  3  vs.  34)Annette Benning  3
32)Glenn Close  3  vs.  33)Michelle Pfeifer  3

I must say I think the group did a much better job with picking the men than the women. Many of the females chosen really are television stars or personalities. I hope the first round of voting will clear out those that I consider "pretenders"

The voting for this round will end on Sunday Aug. 24 at 11PM est. I will be posting round 2 as soon as possible afterwards.
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Edited on: August 10, 2008 1:35 pm

Who's Your Favorite Movie Star?

Well I received several good suggestions for the topic of this blog and I very well could use them in the near future. I thought after doing my last one about television that I would switch to movies, well at least actors.

Everybody has a few actors or actresses that are their favorites over the years, some dramatic others comedic. So it is time to start another bracket competition.

Please submit a list of up to 15 of your favorite actors and 15 actresses ever. I hope to be able to have a bracket of at least 32 in each category depending on how the nominations go.

The seeding will of course be based on the number of mentions each person gets from the group.

How will the stars of years ago do versus those of a more recent vintage? How much support will Gable, Fonda, Stewart, Cagney, Bogart and others get compared Will Smith?

I will post my lists of 15 soon. Once again I will not be voting once the competition begins unless there are ties. As before the bracket will be set up as in the NCAA Basketball Tourney, which means no reseeding.

I hope this one is half as popular as my last one. I will keep the nominations open until August 15 at 11PM est.

Please be so kind to rate your fellow posters as I am sure they will do the same for you.
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