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Posted on: August 24, 2008 11:37 pm
Edited on: August 24, 2008 11:44 pm

Favorite Movie Stars Voting for Round 2

I first want to thank all of you for your participation on this blog. I was surprised by quite a few who didn't make it into the competition. No Cagney, Edward G Robinson, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Errol Flynn, Warren Beatty and more on the men's side. Maureen O'Hara, Myrna Loy, Drew Barrymore, Sally Field, "Hanoi" Jane Fonda etc. are missing from from the woman's draw. At least Ben Afleck and J. Lo didn't make it in. I was surprised that Scarlett Jo and the Jessica's Biel and Alba did not get in.

I have posted the results of the first round as a separate entry as if included them here would it make this entry way too long. Here is the link to that entry http://www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs
/entry/7949334/10096606 I have included my comments on the results of each match up. There were quite a few upsets to go along with the many one sided battles in both brackets. A few match ups though were very close and not decided till the very end. I was very surprised by more than a few of the winners.

Well here are the match ups for round 2. Some of these are going to be very interesting.

1)Tom Hanks vs. 33)Kevin Costner
2)Harrison Ford vs. 31)Spencer Tracy
3)Denzel Washington vs. 30)Tom Cruise
4)Paul Newman vs. 29)Nicholas Cage
5)Al Pacino vs. 28)Anthony Hopkins
6)Robert DeNiro vs. 27)Tommy Lee Jones
7)Jack Nicholson vs. 26)Samuel L. Jackson
8)Clint Eastwood vs. 25)Johnny Deep
9)Morgan Freeman vs. 24)Bill Murray
10)Sean Connery vs. 23)Robin Williams
11)Robert Redford vs. 22)Gregory Peck
12)Jimmy Stewart vs. 17)Humphrey Bogart
13)Mel Gibson vs. 20)John Wayne
14)Marlon Brando vs. 19)Gene Hackman
15)Russell Crowe vs. 18)Dustin Hoffman
16)Henry Fonda vs. 17)Cary Grant

1)Jodie Foster vs. 33)Michelle Pfeifer
2)Julia Roberts vs. 31)Diane Lane
3)Sophia Loren vs. 30)Jessica Lange
4)Sandra Bullock vs. 29)Jamie Lee Curtis
5)Katherine Hepburn vs. 28)Uma Thurman
6)Angelina Jolie vs. 27)Ashley Judd
7)Susan Sarandan vs. 26)Charleze Theron
8)Halle Berry vs. 25)Diane Keaton
9)Elizabeth Taylor vs. 24)Meg Ryan
10)Julie Andrews vs. 23)Nicole Kidman
11)Renee Zwelleger vs. 43)Catherine Zeta Jones
12)Audrey Hepburn vs. 21)Grace Kelly
13)Marilyn Monroe vs. 45)Cameron Diaz
14)Meryl Streep vs. 46)Ann Margaret
15)Rita Hayworth vs. 18)Marissa Tomei
16)Demi Moore 19 vs. 17)Helen Hunt

The voting for this round will last a little longer due to the holiday next weekend. I will count all votes received by Tuesday Sept. 2 at 11PM New York City time.
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Posted on: August 24, 2008 11:30 pm
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Results from Round 1 for Favorite Movie Stars

Well here the results from round 1. Please note the totals of each match up are not the same as a few people skipped certain match ups for various reasons.

1)Tom Hanks 29 vs. 64)Michael Madsen 3 Forrest Gump defeats Mr. Blonde in the first of many routs.
2)Harrison Ford 30 vs. 63)Keifer Sutherland 3 Indiana Jones takes down Jack Bauer with more ease than Bauer ever did the bad guys
3)Denzel Washington 33 vs.)62Ryan Phillipe Multiple Oscars kicks pretty boy's butt
4)Paul Newman 31 vs. 61)Gerrard Depardieu 2 Ref stops this mismatch in the first round
5)Al Pacino 32 vs. 60)Paul Giamatti 1 Never a doubt
6)Robert DeNiro 32 vs. 59)Max Van Sydow 1 As bad a beating as his friend Pesci ever gave in a movie
7)Jack Nicholson 31 vs. 58)John Malkovich 2 Maybe Jack will have a tougher time next round
8)Clint Eastwood 31 vs. 57)James Colburn 2 Dirty Harry guns down another
9)Morgan Freeman 30 vs. 56)James Caan 3 Sonny gunned down again
10)Sean Connery 26 vs. 55)Dennis Quaid 7 The original James Bond much too cool for Quaid
11)Robert Redford 25 vs. 54)Heath Ledger 8 The Natural too much for the new Joker
12)Jimmy Stewart 20 vs. 53)Matthew Damon 13 Jason Bourne defeated by a legend
13)Mel Gibson 29 vs. 52)Matthew McConnaughy 4 Another no contest
14)Marlon Brando 19 vs. 51)Kevin Spacey 14 Don Vito edges Keyser Soze
15)Russell Crowe 28 vs. 50)Leonardo DiCaprio 5 Leo goes down like the Titanic
16)Henry Fonda 16 vs. 49)Burt Reynolds 17 One of 6 close battles that an old school legend of the screen was involved in a. Fonda should have won in a walk over the bad toupe.
17)Cary Grant 18 vs. 48)John Travolta 15 Another of the 6 and another shocker of a sort as I thought Grant would crush Vincent Vega
18)Dustin Hoffman 26 vs. 47)Anthony Quinn 5 Tootsie beats up Zorba
19)Gene Hackman 32 vs. 46)Charles Bronson 1 Don't think Bronson ever beaten this badly before
20)John Wayne 30 vs. 45)Daniel Day Lewis 3 The Duke reigns
21)Humphrey Bogart 17 vs. 46)Bruce Willis 16 This was back and forth the whole way with the last vote breaking a tie.
22)Gregory Peck 18 vs. 43)Will Smith 15 Aticus Finch battled the Fresh Prince all the way
23)Robin Williams 19 vs. 42)Sidney Portier 13 Funny man defeats legend
24)Bill Murray 21 vs. 41)Steve McQueen 11 It happens again
25)Johnny Deep 19 vs. 40)Charlton Heston 14 Capt. Jack Sparrow edges out Ben Hur
26)Samuel L. Jackson 22 vs. 39)George Clooney 10 This was a little surprising to me
27)Tommy Lee Jones 23 vs. 38)Brad Pitt 10 Another pretty boy goes down
28)Anthony Hopkins 23 vs. 37)Robert Mitchum 9 Hannibal Lecter defeats legendary tough guy
29)Nicholas Cage 26 vs. 36)Vince Vaughn 7 No surprise here but good luck in the next round Nick. You are going to need it.
30)Tom Cruise 23 vs. 35)Ben Stiller 10 Couch jumper wins
31)Spencer Tracy 17 vs. 34)Sam Elliot 16 I was once again shocked that this came doen to the last vote cast needed to break a tie.
32)Robert Duvall 16 vs. 33)Kevin Costner 17 The napalm in the morning landed on the wrong actor here.

1)Jodie Foster 29 vs. 64)Emannuelle Beart 2 Clarice and her Oscars wins big as expected
2)Julia Roberts 28 vs. 63)Cheryl Ladd 2 Ladd's beauty not nearly enough to compete
3)Sophia Loren 22 vs. 62)Dana Delaney 7 A rout as expected
4)Sandra Bullock 23 vs. 61)Mariska Hargitay 8 Surprised by Bullock's seeding as well a TV cop making it in to the brackets.
5)Katherine Hepburn 26 vs. 60)Kim Delaney 4 All time legend beats another Television actress
6)Angelina Jolie 23 vs. 59)Whoopi Goldberg 8 Jolie does better than her husband.
7)Susan Sarandan 23 vs. 58)Milla Jovivich 6 No surprise here
8)Halle Berry 22 vs. 57)Salma Hayak 9 Berry wins a battle of the beauties
9)Elizabeth Taylor 21 vs. 56)Keira Knightley 9 Old timer beats an up and comer
10)Julie Andrews 21 vs. 55)Judi Dench 8 Mary Poppins beats the newest "M"
11)Renee Zewelleger 22 vs. 54)Eva Mendes 8 Surprisingly easy win here
12)Audrey Hepburn 27 vs. 53)Helena Bonham Carter 3 Holly Golightly in a rout
13)Marilyn Monroe 16 vs. 52)Renee Russo 14 This being close was surprising to me
14)Meryl Streep 21 vs. 51)Raquel Welch 10 Multiple Oscars defeats an all time sex symbol
15)Rita Hayworth 17 vs. 50)Sigourney Weaver 14 Close battle won by a red headed temptress
16)Demi Moore 28 vs. 49)Sharon Stone 3 Shockingly easy win for Demi
17)Helen Hunt 21 vs. 48)Reese Witherspoon 9 2 Oscar winners battle. I was surprised by both the seeding and results here.
18)Marissa Tomei 16 vs. 47)Geena Davis 15 Another close battle between 2 Oscar winners
19)Bette Davis 15 vs. 46)Ann Margaret 16 One of the greatest actresses ever loses. This is the biggest upset on the woman's side
20)Ingrid Bergman 14 vs. 45)Cameron Diaz 16 Bergman should have won in a route Guess there really is "Something About Cameron"
21)Grace Kelly 27 vs. 44)Gloria Swanson 3 Princess Grace in a walk
22)Hillary Swank 9 vs. 43)Catherine Zeta Jones 21 Here one Oscar beat two.
23)Nicole Kidman 18 vs. 42)Kathleen Turner 13 Turner made it closer than I expected here
24)Meg Ryan 26 vs. 41)Kate Winslet 5 I thought this would have been closer
25)Diane Keaton 24 vs. 40)Marlena Dietrich 5 Annie Hall/Kay Corleone wins big.
26)Charleze Theron 17 vs. 39)Lucille Ball 12 South African beauty beats legendary funny woman.
27)Ashley Judd 24 vs. 38)Angie Harmon 4 Movie Star trounces TV Star
28)Uma Thurman 19 vs. 37)Juilette Binoche 9 Kill Bill star wins easily
29)Jamie Lee Curtis 24 vs. 36)Rachel Weisz 5 An Oscar winner loses
30)Jessica Lange 22 vs. 35)Donna Reed 7 Another win by a multiple Oscar winner
31)Diane Lane 18 vs. 34)Annette Benning 12 Mrs. Beatty loses but at least she made it into the brackets unlike her husband.
32)Glenn Close 13 vs. 33)Michelle Pfeifer 14 The lovely Michelle barely beats the bunny killer
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