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Time to Vote for the Greatest Drama in Television

Here you will find the brackets for the first round to determine the Greatest Drama show in the history of Television. To vote on the Comedies please go here www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs/entry/

As I state in the longer preamble there I will not be casting a vote unless it is needed as a tiebreaker. You still can submit nominations for westerns as that bracket will only contain 16 entries as well as your 5 most memorable things you viewed on TV. I will reveal the groups 10 most memorable moments when the results of the brackets are announced.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have been putting this together, and thanks for contributing.

The numbers in parenthesis are the seedings.

(1) Hill Street Blues vs. (64)Boston Legal
(2) NYPD Blue vs. (63)Fugitive
(3) Hawaii Five-O vs. (62)The Untouchables
(4) The Sopranos vs. (61)Murder She Wrote
(5) Miami Vice vs. (60)Murder One
(6) 24 vs. (59)The Pretender
(7) C.S.I. vs. (58) McCloud
(8) Rockford Files vs. (57) Twin Peaks
(9) CSI Miami vs. (56) The Paper Chase
(10) Lost vs. (55) Oz
(11) Perry Mason vs. (54) My So Called Life
(12) St. Elsewhere vs. (53) Monk
(13) E.R. vs. (52) McMillan & Wife
(14) Heroes vs. (51) Marcus Welby M.D.
(15) Law & Order vs. (50) Law and Order Criminal Intent
(16) Law and Order SVU vs. (49) Jericho
(17) Colombo vs. (48) In The Heat Of The Night
(18) Grey's Anatomy vs. (47) I Spy
(19) House vs. (46) Emergency
(20) The Shield vs. (45) CSI NY
(21) The Twilight Zone vs. (44) Crossing Jordan
(22) The Wire vs. (43) Crime Story
(23) Dallas vs. (42) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(24) Dexter vs. (41) Brotherhood
(25) Homicide Life On The Street vs. (40) Barnaby Jones
(26) L.A. Law vs. (39) Banacek
(27) Magnum PI vs. (38) Night Gallery
(28) Mannix vs. (37) Without a Trace
(29) Northern Exposure vs. (36) The X Files
(30) Picket Fences vs. (35) The White Shadow
(31) Quantum Leap vs. (34) The West Wing
(32) Six Feet Under vs. (33) Star Trek

To make it easier for me to count the votes please try and just list your choices. Thanks I should have put this line before the votes started coming in. Oh well, my fault. I would also like you to please rate your fellow posters efforts here.

Voting will close midnight New York time on Sunday June 22.
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Vote for the Greatest Comedy in TV History

Thanks to all of you who have nominated so many shows to be included in the competition for the best shows in Television history. I know that seeing these shows bought back many memories of pleasurable watching along with certain specific scenes from so many shows. I hope it has done the same for you. I must say I have really enjoyed putting this together and hope you have enjoyed reading the comments from your fellow participants here.

Enough shows received multiple votes for me to make the brackets include 64 shows for comedy and drama. I have used my editorial powers to break all ties. This meant I decided on the last few shows to get in the drama category. I made the choices from the 62 shows that only got 1 mention in the category. I also did the same for the last shows in the comedy bracket. Those choices were made from out of 50 shows that received only a single mention in the nomination process. The bracket for westerns however will be much smaller, so I am not going to start that one yet, but will continue to accept nominations in that category as the other 2 competitions get underway. You can also still list your 5 most memorable moments in television history. I will reveal the groups top 10 moments when I announce the final results of the brackets.

A few shows received votes in more than one category and I have taken the liberty of combining their vote totals and placing those shows in what I consider the appropriate category. Please feel free to ask me any question behind my reasoning and I will do my best to explain my rationale.

With all that said here are the first round Match ups. Due to the large number of shows and amount of space it will require I have set up a second blog where you can vote for the dramas. The link to vote for the dramas is www.sportsline.com/mcc/blogs/entry/

The number in the parenthesis is the seeding. I elected not to include the number of votes any show received in the nomination process. I will not be voting unless it is to break a tie. There are already some very interesting match ups as well as few that I expect to be runaways.

(1) Seinfeld vs. (64)Laverne & Shirley
(2) Cheers vs. (63)The Larry Sanders Show
(3) M*A*S*H vs. (62)Sex in the City
(4) All In The Family vs. (61)News Radio
(5) Married with Children vs. (60)Mork & Mindy
(6) Simpsons vs. (59)The Odd Couple
(7) Andy Griffith vs. (58) F Troop
(8) Barney Miller vs. (57) Yes Dear
(9) Taxi vs. (56) Weeds
(10) Happy Days vs. (55) The Monkeys
(11) Honeymooners vs. (54) Maude
(12) Sanford and Son vs. (53) That 70's Show
(13) Soap vs. (52) Scrubs
(14) WKRP vs. (51) Roseanne
(15) Cosby Show vs. (50) Bizarre
(16) I Love Lucy vs. (49) Monty Python
(17) Bob Newhart (Vermont) vs. (48) Mary Tyler Moore
(18) Friends vs. (47) Love American Style
(19) Gilligan's Island vs. (46) The Jeffersons
(20) Night Court vs. (45) Home Improvement
(21) Beverly Hillbillies vs. (44) Green Acres
(22) Family Guy vs. (43) Gomer Pyle
(23) South Park vs. (42) Get Smart
(24) Hogan's Heroes vs. (41) Frasier
(25) Threes Company vs. (40) Entourage
(26) Everybody Loves Raymond vs. (39) Dick Van Dyke Show
(27) Family Ties vs. (38) Chico & The Man
(28) Fresh Prince Of Bel Air vs. (37) Arrested Development
(29) The Office vs. (36) Alf
(30) Curb Your Enthusiasm vs. (35) 2 1/2 Men
(31) Golden Girls vs. (34) The Wonder Years
(32) Newhart (Chicago) vs. (33) Saved By The Bell

To make it easier for me to count the votes please try and just list your choices. Thanks I should have put this line before the votes started coming in. Oh well, my fault.

I would also like you to please rate your fellow posters efforts here.

Voting will close on Sunday June 22 Midnight New York Time
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