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Here are the Results for the Best in Television

Well after 6 weeks of eliminations the voters here have made their choices on which shows were the best in the history of television. While I didn't agree with all the choices made here over the past rounds I was happy to tally the votes and report on the choices made. As I have said before doing this bought back a lot memories. Some of them of the shows, the actors, scenes and dialog but also of family sitting around the set.

I want to thank all of you for your participation along with many great comments made about the shows that were being voted on. Of course I want to add my thanks for all the compliments you nice people gave me when you cast your votes. They were greatly appreciated. With that said I guess it is time to tell all you good folk what choices you made. Once again not all voted in every category.

(1)Gunsmoke 23 vs. (2)Bonanza  22  This final to me was a lock to occur from the day I posted the bracket for westerns. As you can see this was a very close race until the end. Both were predictable in their own ways. You knew Matt Dillon was always going to get the bad guy and that whichever Cartwright brother fell in love was never going to get the girl. If it was true love you knew she was going to die. Gunsmoke would have gotten my vote here, though Deadwood in its 3 seasons on HBO was incredible.

(7)C.S. I. 15 vs. (21)The Twilight Zone  38  This was a runaway  from the start. Serling's masterpiece pulled one upset after another. One of the most original shows in the history of television versus a show that was basically an updated copy of Quincy. As I stated previously neither of these shows would have been my choice to win this, but in this match up I would have gone with The Twilight Zone. My choice for the final would have been Hill Street Blues against The Wire

(1)Seinfeld 26  vs. (3)M*A*S*H  27 This was a tight battle the whole way. If I had not asked for final votes this morning the results would have been reversed.  One of these shows was original, the other a copy of a movie. One was strictly a comedy that never took itself seriously, it even made fun of itself. The other very serious at times seeming to forget it was supposed to be a comedy. One's sole purpose was to make you laugh while the other show seemed to want to preach to you especially in the later years of the show. How many lines or sayings do you remember from M*A*S*H* compared to Seinfeld? As you can tell by my comments Seinfeld would have been my choice here.

During the nomination process I also asked for your favorite specific memories from all the television viewing you have done in your life. There were many sporting events chosen but all of them but one were of your favorite teams winning a title. So that meant no Red Sox fan mentioning Bucky Dent, a Bills fan talking about Norwood and wide right etc. The only  sports memory that crossed that line was the Miracle On Ice of the 1980 USA  Olympic Hockey team.  These are the moments in history as documented on television that received the most mentions. These choices of course depended a lot on the age of the responders.

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
9/11 Coverage 
Armstrong walks on the moon
Berlin Wall Falls 
Hurricane Katrina 
Bernard Shaw--Night One of the Gulf War
J F K  Funeral

I will have new topic up in a few days and appreciate any more suggestions.
A few have been submitted to me that I am thinking about. They are Cartoon  Characters, Stand-Up Comics and Television Characters.

It was also suggested that the people choose the best show from the 3 Winners. If you would like to submit your choice from among these 3 shows I will gladly tally the votes.

Thanks once again to all of you for the interest you showed this series of blogs, even if I disagree with your choices.
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Posted on: July 21, 2008 12:09 pm

We have reached the finals for TV's best ever.

Well we have now reached the finals. I have really enjoyed doing this blog and am sad to say that this is the last round. Please feel free to share a favorite memory of the shows you choose and or reasons why the shows got your vote.

The results of the last round are listed first with the vote totals and the winning show in bold type. Once again not all the match ups have the same amount of total votes. Some voters have left out a match up or even not voted at all for certain genres.

Please feel free to vote even if you have not yet done so. Remember to tell your friends to vote also. As always I will only vote in case of a tie in any match up. I will also do my best to keep my choice a secret if I do need to vote. I did not vote in the last round and I am glad I didn't have to in many of these match ups.

Remember that these shows were not of my choosing but were selected by all of your fellow posters. My choices would have differed on many of the shows in every round. Without me going back and checking I believe I only had one the 4 dramas that made the semi finals on my initial list of 10 shows, though I do think I had all of the Westerns and Comedies on my list of 10.

Western Bracket:
(1)Gunsmoke 24 vs. (4)Rawhide 7 No surprise here that Clint and his fellow cowhands not able to defeat Marshall Dillon, Ms. Kitty, Festus and the rest of the townsfolk. This show wasn't the longest running prime time entertainment show for no reason.

(2)Bonanza 25 vs. (3)The Rifleman 5  Ben and his boys win big against Lucas  and his boy Mark. This was surely not a surprise setting up an expected showdown between by far the 2 biggest Westerns in the history of Television. This was the first show I ever saw in color.

Drama Bracket:

(1)Hill Street Blues 11 vs. (21)The Twilight Zone 26 Serling's masterpiece continues its incredible run of upsets. I am surprised by both the outcome and margin of victory. Without Hill Street I am not sure what drama on television would look like today. It was the first show that I remember as an adult that I could not wait to see the next episode of.

(7)C.S.I. 23 vs. (3)Hawaii Five-O   14  That either of these shows made it this far really was shocking to me.I would not have considered either of them in my top 20 ever despite having watched both of them, but you the voters have spoken. The lab geeks join Twilight Zone in the finals of what I am dubbing the upset bracket.

Comedy Bracket:

(1)Seinfeld 21 vs. (4)All In The Family  19  This match up's leader changed just about every time I tallied the votes. I doubt that either of these shows success will be matched again. Both of them came so close to being canceled very early in their run and in today's market would not have lasted 6 weeks. Either of the shows would have been a worthy winner of the whole tourney. Classic lines and characters versus a show that showed sitcoms could tackle the serious issues of the day.

(2)Cheers 16 vs. (3)M*A*S*H  24  The show that produced the most watched episode in history vs. a show that created the character(Frasier) with as long a life as anyone ever in television entertainment. Both shows had cast  changes and carried on. As in the previous match up one show obviously was much more serious at times than the other.

The Finals:
(1)Gunsmoke  vs. (2)Bonanza  This is the match up I expected to see when this bracket was formed. The 2 longest running and most iconic of all westerns battle it out.

(7)C.S. I.  vs. (21)The Twilight Zone  This bracket has surprised me with this pairing. I knew the show I thought was the best in history would not make it to the finals but I did like the chances of the show I thought would win but it ran into the upset king in the semis to make to here. So here we have a show that has spawned 2 spin offs versus a show that inspired a Movie, a remake and more than a few copycat shows.

(1)Seinfeld  vs. (3)M*A*S*H  Well here we have the show that was proud about nothing against one that tried to have a serious vein to go along with its comedic roots. To me the best way to compare and contrast the shows is how they dealt with death. Think of when Henry Blake died and how sad and serious M*A*S*H* was and then how Jerry and the gang reacted to the  death of George's fiance Susan.

I want to thank all of the participants for making this blog, so much fun for me to do despite all the work involved and apparently somewhat of a success as the blogs here go. So be sure to give yourselves a round of applause. It has bought back lots of fond memories of many specific lines, scenes and characters for me and I hope it has done the same for all of you.

The big question is what do I try next. Any suggestions?

Please remember to rate your fellow posters contributions as I am sure they will do the same for you.

I will be keeping this round up for a little longer than a week and will be posting the final results July 31 by noon est.
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Posted on: July 6, 2008 11:23 pm

Quarterfinals for the Best Shows in Television

Well we have now reached the quarter finals and the match ups get even tougher. Once again the results of the last round are listed first with the vote totals and the winning show in bold type. You will notice that for the first time I have made a quick comment regarding the results of each match up. Once again not all the match ups have the same amount of total votes. Some voters have left out a few or even not voted at all for certain genres. The match ups for the quarter finals follows. Please feel free to vote even if you have not yet done so. Remember to tell your friends to vote also. As always I will only vote in case of a tie in any match up. I will also do my best to keep my choice a secret if I do need to vote. I did not vote in the last round.

(1) Gunsmoke 33 vs. (16) High Chaparral  0   No surprise here
(2) Bonanza 26 vs. (15) The Lone Ranger 7    Nor here
(3) The Rifleman 29 vs. (14) Branded 4    Chuck Connors had to win here
(4) Rawhide 28 vs. (13) Wanted : Dead or Alive 5    Clint kicks McQueen's butt
(5) Wagon Train 12 vs. (12) The Wild Wild West  21   James West just way too cool
(6) Deadwood 22 vs. (11) Bat Masterson 11   Sex Violence and Cursing wins out
(7) Have Gun, Will Travel 8 vs. (10) Maverick  25   One of Jim Garner's 2 wins
(8) The Big Valley 19 vs. (9) The Virginian 14   Linda Evans way too pretty lose yet

Drama Bracket:

(1) Hill Street Blues 31 vs.(16) Law and Order SVU 13    To me this would have been an easy call
(2) NYPD Blue 24 vs. (15) Law & Order 19   NYPD beats longest running cop show ever
(3) Hawaii Five 25 vs. (19) House 19   McGarrett has  Dano book drug addicted Doc
(4) The Sopranos 31 vs. (13) E.R. 11  Mob snuffs out Docs
(5) Miami Vice 16 vs. (21) The Twilight Zone 27  Rod Serling's masterpiece with another upset win.
(27) Magnum PI  26 vs. (11) Perry Mason 15  Perry loses a case
(7) C.S.I.  25 vs. (23) Dallas 17  J R taken down by lab geeks
(8) Rockford Files 31 vs. (9) CSI Miami 13  Garner beats a wooden David Caruso

Comedy Bracket:

(1) Seinfeld 41 vs. (16) I Love Lucy  8  Jerry's friends are funnier than Fred and Ethel to most here Surprised by the margin of victory
(2) Cheers 39 vs. (15) Friends 10  Cheers bar friendlier than Monica's apartment
(3) M*A*S*H 35 vs. (14) WKRP  14 Who knew War and Army life could be funny.
(4) All In The Family  28 vs. (20 )Night Court  21 Archie and his family too classic for Judge Harry Stone and the loons that paraded thru his court
(5) Married with Children  24 vs. (12) Sanford and Son 23 Polk High's Football Hero wins a nail bitter.
(6) Simpsons  26 vs. (11) Honeymooners 23 19 years of cartoon too much for 39 episodes of Ralph and Norton
(7) Andy Griffith  29 vs. (10) Happy Days 21 Barney, Gomer, Otis cool off the Fonz
(8) Barney Miller 17 vs. (9) Taxi 32 Louie, Latka, Rev. Jim etc. wackier than Barney's off beat cops. Jim would have eaten all the brownies Wojo bought in by himself.

Here are the match ups for the quarter finals.

Western Bracket:
(1)Gunsmoke vs. (8)The Big Valley
(2)Bonanza vs. (10)Maverick
(3)The Rifleman vs. (6)Deadwood 
(4)Rawhide vs. (12)The Wild Wild West

Drama Bracket:
(1)Hill Street Blues vs.(8)Rockford Files
(2)NYPD Blue vs. (7)C.S.I.
(3)Hawaii Five vs. (27)Magnum PI
(4)The Sopranos vs. (21)The Twilight Zone

Comedy Bracket:
(1)Seinfeld vs. (9)Taxi
(2)Cheers vs. (7)Andy Griffith 
(3)M*A*S*H vs. (6)Simpsons
(4)All In The Family vs. (5)Married with Children

I want to thank all of the participants so far for making this blog, so much fun for me to do despite all the work involved. It has bought back a lot of fond memories for me and I hope it has for you too. Some of the comments made were almost as good as the shows you are voting on.

Please remember to rate your fellow posters contributions as I am sure they will do the same for you.

Voting this period ends on Sunday July 13 at 11PM est.
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Edited on: June 30, 2008 2:47 pm

Round 3 in the Best Shows in TV History

Here are the results from round 2 and the match ups for round 3. This week we have added the 3rd category for Westerns. If you thought the previous match ups provided some tough choices wait till you see these. Once again you will notice that not all the match ups have the same number of votes as selected voters left out some of them. I was surprised by the results of some of the match ups, especially by some of the margins both large and small. Some of what would my choices have been eliminated. We had, based on the seeding, 3 upsets on the drama side and 2 in the comedies. For those of who are curious I did need to cast a vote to break a tie but being sneaky like I am I also cast a vote to make another match up also only 1 vote apart. The numbers in bold type are the number of votes received in the 2nd round, while the winner of each match up is also in bold face type.


(1)Hill Street Blues 22 vs. (33)Star Trek 19
(2)NYPD Blue 24 vs. (31)Quantum Leap 16
(3)Hawaii Five-O 38 vs. (30)Picket Fences 5
(4)The Sopranos 31 vs. (29)Northern Exposure 7
(5)Miami Vice 31 vs. (28)Mannix 11
(6)24 17 vs. (27)Magnum PI 23
(7)C.S.I. 31 vs. (26)L.A. Law 11
(8)Rockford Files 34 vs. (25)Homicide Life On The Streets 10
(9)CSI Miami 23 vs. (24)Dexter 16
(10)Lost 17 vs. (23)Dallas 23
(11)Perry Mason 31 vs. (22)The Wire 8
(12)St. Elsewhere 8 vs. (21)The Twilight Zone 34
(13)E.R. 22 vs. (20)The Shield 18
(19)House 30 vs. (51)Marcus Welby M.D. 11
(15)Law & Order 28 vs. (47)I Spy 10
(16)Law and Order SVU 22 vs. (48)In The Heat Of The Night 16


(1)Seinfeld 38 vs. (32)Newhart(Chicago) 7
(2)Cheers 42 vs. (34)The Wonder Years 1
(3)M*A*S*H 40 vs. (30)Curb Your Enthusiasm 4
(4)All In The Family 34 vs. (36)Alf 9
(5)Married with Children 35 vs. (28)Fresh Prince 8
(6)Simpsons 29 vs. (27)Family Ties 15
(7)Andy Griffith 26 vs. (26)Everybody Loves Raymond 19
(8)Barney Miller 23 vs. (25)Threes Company 22
(9)Taxi 31 vs. (41)Frasier 13
(10)Happy Days 25 vs. (42)Get Smart 18
(11)Honeymooners 31 vs. (43)Gomer Pyle 12
(12)Sanford and Son 24 vs. (21)Beverly Hillbillies 19
(13)Soap 16 vs. (20)Night Court 27
(14)WKRP 22 vs. (19)Gilligans Island 19
(15)Cosby Show 21 vs. (18)Friends 22
(16)I Love Lucy 33 vs. (17)Bob Newhart(Vermont) 11

Now for the new match ups. I chose the 16th seed for Westerns among a few shows that each only received one vote. I really don't think it mattered which show I picked as I expect it to get trounced in the first round.

Western Bracket:

(1)Gunsmoke vs. (16)High Chaparral
(2)Bonanza vs. (15)The Lone Ranger
(3)The Rifleman vs. (14)Branded
(4)Rawhide vs. (13)Wanted : Dead or Alive
(5)Wagon Train vs. (12)The Wild Wild West
(6)Deadwood vs. (11)Bat Masterson
(7)Have Gun, Will Travel vs. (10)Maverick
(8)The Big Valley vs. (9)The Virginian

Drama Bracket:

(1)Hill Street Blues vs. (16)Law and Order SVU
(2)NYPD Blue vs. (15) Law & Order
(3)Hawaii Five vs. (19) House
(4)The Sopranos vs. (13)E.R.
(5)Miami Vice vs. (21)The Twilight Zone
(27)Magnum PI vs. (11)Perry Mason
(7)C.S.I. vs. (23)Dallas
(8)Rockford Files vs. (9)CSI Miami

Comedy Bracket:

(1)Seinfeld vs. (16)I Love Lucy
(2)Cheers vs. (15)Friends
(3)M*A*S*H vs. (14)WKRP
(4)All In The Family vs. (20)Night Court
(5)Married with Children vs. (12)Sanford and Son
(6)Simpsons vs. (11)Honeymooners
(7)Andy Griffith vs. (10)Happy Days
(8)Barney Miller vs. (9)Taxi

Once again I will not be voting unless there is the need for a tiebreaker. Please try and remember to rate your fellow posters as I am sure they will do the same for you. I know I give everyone a 5 as part of my thank you. You folks have made this fun for me to do, hope you are enjoying it also. I thank you once again for your participation.

When I first posted this I forgot to include the voting cut off time and date. Voting will end on Sunday July 6 at 11:00 pm est. The next round will be posted as soon as possible after that.
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